Meet Zuna (zoo-nah)!

Gorilla Zuna with mom Nadiri

Baby gorilla, Zuna, is ready to say hello to zoo visitors!

Baby gorilla Zuna spending time outdoors with mom, Nadiri, and the rest of her family

The 11-week-old western lowland gorilla—the second baby for 25-year-old mom Nadiri and the first between her and 21-year-old father, Kwame, is spending a few hours outdoors each day now with her family. Their time outside in the public space, most likely between 1:45-4:30 p.m., is weather-dependent and often takes place in short increments in order to accommodate the baby’s behind-the-scenes bottle-feedings.

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Born 2020

Uzumma's baby boy: Kitoko (ki-TOE-koh), which means beautiful or handsome in the African languages, Lingala /Kikongo.

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Kitoko at 6 months old!
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Born 2015

At 5-years-old, Yola will be 'big sis' to Kwame and Nadiri's newborn.

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Grow with Yola, hello 2!
Leo and Yola
Yola fits right in with her gorilla family



Shower Her With Love, Save Gorillas!

To share in the love and joy of this new gorilla baby, we are asking our community to help us throw a virtual baby shower for Nadiri! Help us celebrate and show your love for Nadiri, Kwame and their new baby girl by making a gift of any size and make sure to leave a comment!

The arrival of this new baby is more than just a celebration of a new family member. It also marks a wonderful milestone for Nadiri as a mother. Due to some complications with her own birth, Nadiri was partially human-raised as an infant, which means she didn't get to experience first-hand how to be a gorilla mother herself. Our dedicated gorilla keepers worked with her every day during her first pregnancy five years ago, and during this one—to help her learn good maternal skills.

Thanks to the dedication and expertise of our gorilla keepers—and to you for providing gifts that support all that training—the work has paid off. We're thrilled to see that Nadiri, who initially was hesitant to pick up her newborn, has bonded with the new baby! What started out as short visits between mother and daughter, with staff providing a lot of bottle-feeding and care for the first couple weeks, has now morphed into a beautiful bond where the baby and Nadiri are together full-time. And both of them are thriving!

Thank you for considering a donation in honor of this special birth and our keepers working around the clock to keep the new baby and mom healthy and happy! Every gift adds up to a big difference for the health and well-being of each animal that calls Woodland Park Zoo home.



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Celebrate Nadiri's new baby with a symbolic animal adoption in her name!

Adopt now and help fund conservation programs and the daily care and feeding of our gorilla baby, mom Nadiri and all zoo inhabitants

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Woodland Park Zoo is proud to partner with ECO-CELL to recycle e-waste responsibly. In 2018, we collected and recycled 270lbs of electronics donated by visitors like you!

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Gorilla Personality Quiz

Gorilla Personality Quiz

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A Future for Gorillas

Photo credit Mondika Gorilla Project

Established in 1998, the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project was founded with the aim of preserving wildlife in the Congo Basin by studying the apes, the ecosystems, and the forces that threaten their survival. In 2014, the study area expanded to include the Djeke Triangle region outside the Nouabale-Ndoke National Park – resulting in the Mondika Gorilla Project.

The program is currently monitoring specific aspects of ape coexistence, forest ecology and change, and ape-human health risks. Local communities and indigenous people assist in addressing the opportunity-challenge nexus that factors significantly in the ape-human overlap that typifies ape sites in this region.

Mondika Gorilla Project


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