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A warm welcome to our Ready, Set, Discover teachers!

This page features the resources you will need for the Ready, Set, Discover program. Be sure to bookmark this page! It is a private page exclusively for RSD teachers, and as such, has no links to it from the main Woodland Park Zoo website, nor can it be found by searching the zoo's website.

Also, since these resources were developed exclusively for the RSD program, we must ask that you do not share this link or any of the resources with anyone outside the program.

If you have any questions or problems, send Kelly an email at kelly.lindmark@zoo.org.


Teacher Guides & Training Materials

WPZ's Ready, Set, Discover Teacher Guide

Ready, Set, Discover Teacher Training PPT
Slides from the January 14, 2019 teacher training

Resources by Element

Element 1 - Meet the Problem

Student assessment (PDF)
Student assessment
- Spanish

Meet the Problem Introduction (MS PowerPoint)
Local amphibians (PDF)
Meet the Problem letter (PDF)
Meet the Problem letter - Spanish (PDF)
Meet the Problem video (link to video on YouTube)

Know/Need to Know graphic organizer 
Problem Statement graphic organizer

Element 2 - Outdoor Exploration

Outdoor exploration slides
Habitat features identification cards
Toad picture & habitat needs cards for long-toed salamander and Pacific tree frog 
Wetland ecosystems game cards

Element 3 - Zoo Exploration

For field trip forms and additional resources, please visit Woodland Park Zoo's field trips page.

WPZ field trip student orientation video
Tropical Rain Forest guided tour cards (amphibian-focused)
Pacific tree frog habitat needs card
Tropical Rain Forest self-guided tour 
Tropical and Temperate Forests presentation
Tropical and Temperate Forests script

Elements 4 & 5 - Sharing Solutions Preparation and Presentations

Information Gathering graphic organizer
Determining Solutions graphic organizer
Considering Possible Solution graphic organizer
Evidence for Choosing the Best Fit Solution graphic organizer

Sharing Solutions student checklist (PDF)
Sharing Solutions student checklist - Spanish (PDF)

Sharing Solutions project rubric (PDF)

Student assessment (PDF)
Student assessment
- Spanish

WPZ's Reptiles & Amphibians Resources

Teacher Packet

(Links take you to a public portion of WPZ's website)
Glossary and Resources
Conservation Links

Amphibians 101 PowerPoint

Amphibian 101 (MS PowerPoint)
Script for Amphibian 101 PowerPoint (PDF)


Other Amphibian Resources

US Fish & Wildlife Service Listing a Species Factsheet

Sabes Como Crece un Anfibio (en Espanol)

Rana Rueda (en Espanol)

7000 Kinds of Amphibians Song (California Academy of Sciences)


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